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  • Arkham Horror – Agenda/Act/Doom Display

    Arkham Horror – Agenda/Act/Doom Display

    A huge, tentacled display for your Arkham Horror Agenda and Act cards as well as an integrated Doom Tracker. Read more

  • Azul – Score overlays

    Azul – Score overlays

    Overlays for the game Azul, which go over the scoring track, to stop the cube being accidentally nudged by players. Read more

  • Board Game Token Trays

    Board Game Token Trays

    Handy, colourful trays to store your game tokens in while you play. Spouts to make it easier to pour counters back into your baggies. Read more

  • Business Cards

    Business Cards

    Your design on a wooden business card. Laser engraved on 1.5mm thick birch plywood, approximately 85x55mm (doesn’t need to be rectangular in shape). 1.5mm is about twice the thickness of a credit card, but if you’d prefer 3mm thick, then ask in a note (same price for either thickness of wood). Pricing assumes you provide… Read more

  • Dice Hospital – Tokens

    Dice Hospital – Tokens

    Dice Hospital token set: Blood bags (x16) – Red, white and black with mix of O, A, B and AB blood types. Skulls (x10) – white. 3D-printed with recycled PLA bioplastic, from plant sources. Dice Hospital Ambulance NO SUPPORTS REQ’D designed by hoguemr, Fabmaszter & swholmstead and released under Creative Commons – Attribution. tiny cartoonish… Read more

  • Flexi Cat

    Flexi Cat

    A colourful articulated feline. Read more

  • Folklore: The Affliction – Trackers

    Folklore: The Affliction – Trackers

    Struggling to keep your Vita/Power/Ghost trackers in line during a game of Folklore: The Affliction? These trackers hold a tracker card and have 36 or 20 holes around the edge which line up with the numbers around the edge of the card. A black, ring-topped peg is provided to track the values. Read more

  • Keyforge – Deck Boxes

    Keyforge – Deck Boxes

    Boxes, with sliding lids, for keeping your favourite sleeved decks in. Read more

  • Magnetic Letter Tiles

    Magnetic Letter Tiles

    Available using either Scrabble scoring (6 bottom right) or Words With Friends scoring (number top right) values. Stick them on your fridge to make words or names! 38x38x8mm, which is double the dimensions of regular Scrabble tiles, which are 19x19x4mm. All have black lettering (except black tiles, which have white lettering). Made from recycled PLA… Read more

  • The Mind – Wooden upgrade kit

    The Mind – Wooden upgrade kit

    Classy upgrade for the game The Mind. Read more

  • Tree Decorations

    Tree Decorations

    Baubles for your tree or wherever! Hang them up and look at them! Every one has a different marbled pattern of colours. 2p piece for scale – 75mm diameter circle around the snowflake & each is approximately 6mm thick. Ball with snowflake cutout or “tree-shaped” (well, triangular) with polypropylene recycling symbol (maybe to spark a… Read more