Slithy Tove Design realises that manufacturing is inherently wasteful of resources, but is committed to reuse, recycling and sustainability:


Three out of three stars
  • All boxes and packaging materials have been re-used. Packages are sealed with paper tape which is biodegradable.


Two out of three stars
  • All 3D prints are made from recycled plastic from or 3D Tomorrow (who both manufacture filament in the UK). Material is at least 55% recycled PLA bio-plastic.
  • 100% Recycled plastic (LDPE-2, HDPE-4 and PP-5) sheets sourced from a very local recycler – Relic Plastic. Most waste material from cutting out shapes is returned to them for re-recycling!


One out of three stars
  • All hardwood items are made from sustainably-sourced timber, from a local tree surgeon.
  • All wood finishes are either Osmo Oil/Wax Finish (vegan oils and waxes – food- and toy-safe) or, for very large pieces, boiled linseed oil (natural linseed oil with some chemicals added for faster drying).
  • All energy used to run workshop is from vegan, renewable sources (from Ecotricity).
  • All plywood used in laser engraving is FSC-certified, laser plywood (glued with non-toxic & eco-friendly urea-formaldehyde glue).