Board Game Token Trays

Handy, colourful trays to store your game tokens in while you play. Spouts to make it easier to pour counters back into your baggies.

Small square component trays with spout (for “pouring” pieces back into a ziplock bag). Sloped sides for easy removal of items. Stackable. The outside dimensions of the trays are 60x60mm at the base, 66x66mm at the top and 16mm tall.

Sold singly and in packs of 7 (one is free!), 11 (two are free!) or 15 trays (three are free!). “Colours of your choice” should be specified in a note when you checkout – can be all of one colour or any combination of colours.

3D-printed with recycled PLA bioplastic (plant source). Matte colours (blue, khaki, purple, maroon & black currently) contain 70% recycled material and others contain 55% recycled material. Like nearly all 3D-printed items, they are not considered to be food safe (even though people might want to put peanuts in them!).

Wooden pieces in examples not included, obviously!

Stackable Game Bits Funnel Tray designed by swholmstead and released under Creative Commons – Attribution.


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