Folklore: The Affliction – Trackers

Struggling to keep your Vita/Power/Ghost trackers in line during a game of Folklore: The Affliction? These trackers hold a tracker card and have 36 or 20 holes around the edge which line up with the numbers around the edge of the card. A black, ring-topped peg is provided to track the values.

If you have a version of the game with cardboard standees, there are STANDEE bases in colours matching the monster vita trackers. If you have miniatures, there are MINIATURE bases to put under the monsters – NOTE: I do not have access to any of the miniatures, so the bases for those are just approximate “cup-shapes” to put the miniatures into. They should click in, but you can put a speck of something like blue-tak inside to ensure they don’t fall off.

3D-printed with recycled PLA bioplastic (plant source).

If you want to print these, for personal use only, the models are available on Thingiverse.


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